5 Questions for Your Managed Cybersecurity Vendor

As we approach the end of the year, you may be doing some reflecting on your environment, stack, and vendor list. How have they been working for you in 2020? What could have gone better? What might need to change?

Whether you have a renewal upcoming or just need to better understand the value they bring, you may want to talk with your cybersecurity vendor about the year that was, and about the year ahead.

In this post, I offer some questions that can help you during these discussions, so that you better understand what your security partner (if it’s safe to call them that) is doing for you. These questions—and their answers—will also help you communicate your security partnerships to your business stakeholders, especially in the context of a renewal or change to your cybersecurity mix in the coming year.I get questions like these about our solution all the time from prospective customers. As such, my focus is on equipping you to understand the specific outcomes that your vendors deliver, the value that you can derive from it, and how you can communicate that to your management team. I focus on growth and improvement over time because continuous improvement is one of our values at IntelliGO.

  1. “What would actually happen if I got hacked? What would I, or my staff, have to do?””

    The first and most obvious question. It’s where the rubber meets the road. This question is about outcomes and contingencies and understanding where the provider ends and the customer begins. It is essential to know what you’re getting and what responsibilities are yours versus your providers – especially in a breach situation.
  2. “What actions are you taking when I get an alert from you?”

    Instead of merely notifying you that something needs to (Read more...)

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