18 Gifts for the Fuzzing Pro in Your Life

Let’s cut to the chase: You probably haven’t given much thought on what holiday gift to get the fuzzing pro in your life, and you already know those COVID shipping delays are really going to hit you where it hurts. Fear not! We’re not here to judge, likely because we’re right there with you. Let us help! (We aren’t kidding when we say we’re here to help. We’re giving some of these listed items away, including one that has been sold out for a while. See items #3, #7, and #13 for more details.) 

Here’s a holiday gift guide inspired by the needs and wants of ForAllSecure’s very own security experts.

  1. Server
    You can never go wrong with some beefy servers. This SuperMicro SuperServer was a request that came in from several of our engineers, as well as our CEO.
    Buy It ($690)
  2. Raspberry Pi
    Typically fuzz testing requires CPUs to power its analysis engine, but it’s also possible to use GPUs. Definitely a gift to consider if your fuzzing pro loves tinkering and would find joy in building a GPU-based fuzzer.
    Buy It ($70)


  1. Books
    You can always fall back on those “hacker” books. Here are some that are on our security experts’ “buy and eventually read” list:


  1. Peloton Bike
    What can we say? We’re based in Pittsburgh, where the winters are cold, and we have a disproportionately large number of bikers getting antsy from being cooped up in their homes. Be aware of the waitlist!
    Buy It ($1,895)
  2. Sweats
    We also have a few runners. Our dedicated runners are big fans of the Interval Pant by Ten Thousand.
    Buy It ($98)


  1. Playstation
    Our security guys love gaming. The PS5 console was released on November 12 of this year, and there’s a lot of excitement. You better act fast.
    Buy It ($500)
  2. Nintendo Switch
    As I mentioned in #6, security guys love gaming. Thanks to COVID, Nintendo Switch has been hard to come by. The holiday season could be your shot.
    Buy It ($300) or Win It ($0)

  3. Curved Monitor
    Again, security guys love gaming. You can’t ever go wrong with a curved 4k monitor that’ll give them that immersive experience. Oh, right, and they can also use it for that thing called work. It’s a 2-for-1!
    Buy It ($1,300)


  1. Desktop Processor
    Speaking of twofers, if you’re willing to go on the higher end of the money spectrum, you also can’t go wrong with a desktop processor for work (and gaming). The AMD Ryzen Threadripper, in particular, was requested by our engineers.
    Buy It ($3,900)

  2. Spotify Subscription
    Coders gonna code. And, they’re gonna need a lot of music to power through all that coding. To get them started on their accounts, subscribe them to the Dark Net Diaries and The Hacker Mind podcasts.
    Buy It ($10/mo)


  1. Bokksu Subscription
    Music won’t be enough to fuel them through all that coding. This is where the Bokksu subscription comes into play. Bokksu will send the fuzzing pro in your life gourmet Japanese treats monthly.
    Buy It ($50/mo)


  2. O’Reilly Subscription
    Let’s be honest. Most of those learning offerings targeted to professionals are disappointing. This subscription is a rare exception, thanks to their large library.
    Buy It ($50/mo)


  1. Stickers
    Hackers love stickers, and stickers make awesome stocking stuffers. We’ve just come out with some fun limited edition stickers. Reach out to us for a few, but there’s only a limited amount.
    Reach out ($0)
  2. LEGOS
    You can never go wrong with LEGOS with these guys. Tip: the more elaborate and themed, the better. Consider the Creator series.
    Buy It (Varies)

  3. Socks
    As some of you may know, we got our start in the federal sector. And, boy, do those federal security guys love socks. Check these out!
    Buy It ($15)


  1. Yubikey
    These fuzzing guys care about security, so they can always use more YubiKeys.
    Buy It ($45)
  2. Escape Room
    Earlier this year, ForAllSecure held a virtual escape room to get our team building juices flowing. One of our most loved escape rooms was called “Hackfiltration”.
    Buy It (Varies)
  3. Hacker Puzzle
    You don’t have to organize a multi-person event to enjoy a good puzzle. With, you can send them a digital file containing a programming puzzle with a message embedded.
    Buy It (Varies)

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