Bitglass’ 2020 Cloud Security Report

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This year, the fabric of our society has forgone unimaginable changes due to the global pandemic, and it’s likely that the impact will persist long after it is gone. The inevitable push towards a remote, cloud-first business ecosystem has catapulted in recent months, and many enterprises were simply not ready to securely enable remote work. In the interest of exploring how organizations have adapted to the unforeseen adjustments, Bitglass teamed up with a leading cybersecurity analyst firm and surveyed hundreds of community members consisting of IT and cloud security professionals about the state of security in their organizations. 

It comes as no surprise that over 93% of respondents have been severely concerned about the security of the public cloud. However, there is a disconnect in their perspectives towards cloud-based applications, in relation to those on-premises, as 73% of the surveyed professionals affirmed that cloud-native apps are as secure as on-premises apps–if not more. This is a testament to the fact that many organizational security leaders view the public cloud as an inherently safe approach to cloud-computing. However, it also highlights the ongoing struggle that enterprises are experiencing in adopting secure, cloud-based infrastructures

In addition to the above, it is understandable why IT professionals (57%) default to native security tools. However, organizations must consider the labor hours and costs associated with deploying and managing a completely disjointed approach. Administering multiple tools on a handful of platforms is taxing for IT professionals, and it increases the chances of threat vectors finding loopholes–ultimately affecting organizations’ bottomline. Data breaches are extremely costly and can not only affect an enterprise’s reputation, but also include extreme monetary expenses associated with paying compliance fines and legal disputes. 

Disjointed security solutions that require countless vendors can perform at the level of an all-encompassing cloud security platform. As such, enterprises should aim to deploy a solution that includes all of the key components in producing sensitive data in today’s cloud-first world.

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