Beachhead Solutions Adds to Cloud-Managed Device Encryption Platform with New Capabilities Built to Secure Business’ Increasingly Remote Workforces

SimplySecure 6.7 provides even more comprehensive auditing and security controls; platform also adds two-factor authentication, geofencing, and expanded compliance reporting

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 29, 2020 – Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for business of all sizes, today released SimplySecure 6.7. The newest version of Beachhead’s popular cloud-managed platform adds to business’ capabilities comprehensively enforcing and managing encryption and the  security of their employees’ PCs, Macs, USB storage devices, mobile phones, tablets, and Windows Servers through enhanced device visibility, auditing, and control. All new features are fully included without any change to subscription cost.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed device security management challenges for many businesses, as their new work-from-home policies now encompass countless employee-used devices that push beyond usual management parameters. For businesses requiring comprehensive device protection that is also easy to enforce, Beachhead is committed to providing a cloud-based platform purpose-built to meet the needs of this moment – and beyond. SimplySecure 6.7 offers stalwart remote device encryption and access controls for use within a layered security regimen. This newest platform version also adds new device security risk notifications and protections.

SimplySecure 6.7 further broadens business’ device security capabilities by adding two-factor authentication (2FA) using an authentication app like Google Authenticator. Through SimplySecure, Beachhead customers can now utilize 2FA to secure access to company data from each employee-used device. The latest version of SimplySecure also introduces geofencing-based security capabilities. IT administrators can receive notifications or have the device take steps to remove data access automatically whenever a secured device travels beyond a pre-authorized geofence.

Additionally, Beachhead has expanded its popular Compliancy Report feature of SimplySecure by extending it to include Macs and USB storage devices. Compliancy Report provides event-driven reports designed to demonstrate to auditors that rigorous security controls are in place on vulnerable or compromised hardware. By leveraging Compliancy Report, businesses get invaluable peace of mind by effectively proving regulatory compliance in the event of an audit following a security incident. SimplySecure now protects USB and Mac devices in this manner, providing detailed encryption, geolocation, and access control information. Even if a device is lost or stolen, businesses can easily prove to auditors that no data breach has occurred.

“For businesses new to Beachhead Solutions, there’s not a better time to see what we can offer your practice,” said Cam Roberson, VP Sales, Beachhead Solutions. “At Beachhead we’re committed to ensuring businesses can bring their employees’ remote devices under tight control, delivering security and compliance that organizations from otherwise-crippling data breach incidents. We’re proud to put these new capabilities in the hands of our customers, and excited to see them in action.”

About Beachhead Solutions

Beachhead Solutions offers first-in class data security with SimplySecure, the only web-based security platform that can enforce encryption and security policy. SimplySecure provides a multi-faceted approach – including remote data wiping and controlling access to at-risk data – for protecting sensitive company data on Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, and USB Storage devices. SimplySecure is user-transparent and easily administered via a single unified management console.

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