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Akamai Identified as a Leader Among Zero Trust Providers by Independent Research Firm

We are pleased to share that Akamai has been identified as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020.

In the report, Forrester evaluated how each vendor’s portfolio maps and delivers on specific components of the Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) framework.

Akamai received highest possible scores in the following criteria:

  • Network Security
  • Workload Security
  • APIs
  • Zero Trust Advocacy
  • Market Approach

The report states: “Akamai Technologies is a true believer and provider of Zero Trust, and it shows.”

Akamai’s continued investment in building security capabilities for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and secure web gateway (SWG) at the edge allows us to lead the security market and positions us as a strategic partner for a large number of our customers. Today’s enterprises need to rely on a Zero Trust edge platform for business continuity for a workforce that continues to remain largely remote for extended periods of time. 

At Akamai, we believe security should be consumed as a security and access service at the edge. The value of a platform approach where services can be layered, as opposed to an on-premise security stack approach or platform approach, delivers benefits for customers in terms of OpEx, ease of deployment, and maintenance as well as high availability and scale.  

As a company, Akamai is committed to helping our customers adopt a Zero Trust security posture, while also documenting and sharing lessons learned from our own Zero Trust journey. As the Forrester report states,

… Akamai truly believes in the tenets and implementation of Zero Trust for its customers and for itself. This should be a key point for potential clients — the company is seriously engaged in the same endeavors that they will be undertaking as part of their Zero Trust journey. Coupled with this fervent belief is the power the Akamai platform provides. From DDoS capabilities that have notably defended massive multi-terabyte DDoS attacks to MFA and access controls that are a lynchpin for organizational Zero Trust, Akamai has it.

2020Q3_Forrester-ZT eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers.png

Akamai’s approach to providing Zero Trust Access based on our secure edge platform, informed by identity, delivers many architectural advantages. Akamai’s platform enables clientless and client-based access to corporate applications, regardless of user network or location. Access is context sensitive and adaptive, based on risk profiles calculated by a multitude of factors. Risk profiles are calculated from security signals including  identity and contextual signals, device signals, and threat protection signals from third-party vendors as well as Akamai’s own Enterprise Threat Protector. Akamai’s market-leading WAF and DDoS solutions layer additional security services to defend against application and DDoS attacks. 

A complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020 is available for download at akamai.com/forresterwave-zero-trust2020.

For additional information regarding Akamai’s approach to Zero Trust, visit akamai.com/zerotrust

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