Tripwire is very much household name within the cybersecurity community. It’s been around from the early days of creating intrusion detection software that would later be known as File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) all the way through to deploying a portfolio of products that focuses on SCM, Vulnerability Management, Asset Management, Industrial Cybersecurity and much more! During this time, one thing has stayed the same – the culture that has been created at this wonderful organization by an amazing group of people. One example of how that culture has been acknowledged is the journey that John Wertz has taken from using Tripwire three weeks into his cybersecurity career to becoming a cybersecurity engineer at Tripwire. Here is John’s story.

Joe Pettit: Tell me how you got into cyber security.

John Wertz: What brought me to cyber security was when I was in college when I did an internship with Time Warner Cable. I graduated, and they reached out to me about an open position they had in cybersecurity. I went there, and it was an engineering job managing their Tripwire environment.

JP: So that was your first experience with Tripwire. How did you find that? What were your initial thoughts?

JW: As an entry-level candidate, I started training with a really great fellow who had managed the console for several years. About two, three weeks into my time there, he was diagnosed with cancer and had to take a leave of absence. So, my experience was very hands-on and self-taught. They essentially put me in front of the product. I just had to read a lot of the user manuals and material out there that Tripwire did provide to train myself how to use the product not just as a checkbox tool but as an actual security tool.

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