CipherCloud Chronicles #3: CASB Golf Court


CASB Golf Court

Interesting conversations happen over a cup of coffee or a game of sport.

Chris and Kevin are acquaintances for years and are having an interesting conversation while playing their favorite sport “Golf”.

“About 95% of cloud breaches happen because of human errors and misconfiguration”.

Chris: It would be great to have a system in place that continuously checks for misconfigurations in the cloud.

Kevin: Nah, I have a great security team in place to look after everything.


The ball landed in a bunker “Data Breach Bunker”.

Most organizations believe that having a great security team will address all cloud security needs, but the above status proves it wrong. Each cloud is different and has its own security best practices. But the question is do we have a security tool to implement these configurations effectively?

Super Cipher: Ta Da… The answer is CipherCloud

CipherCloud CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) for IaaS and SaaS is a security tool that continuously monitors enterprise cloud environments to identify security gaps and enable auto-remediation of security gaps to minimize the attack surface in the multi-cloud environment.

CSPM for IaaS

  • Provide visibility into cloud inventory and send alerts to the admin when new services and servers are detected in the IaaS environment.
  • Continuous checks for security misconfigurations against the industry recommended CIS Benchmark standards and provides a detailed view of the cloud security posture.
  • Notify relevant stakeholders and initiate auto-remediation of misconfiguration.


SSPM for SaaS

  • Monitor and auto-remediate misconfigurations in SaaS services against CipherCloud defined security best practices.
  • Enable policy enforcement and enforce compliance according to industry standards (CIS, NIST, HIPPA, etc).


Kevin: Wow! It’s a double eagle

Super Cipher: Auto-remediate your security holes with CipherCloud CSPM.

The gentlemen continued playing golf, while CipherCloud CSPM was at work fixing misconfigurations in the multi-cloud environment.



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