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Top 8 cybersecurity books for incident responders in 2020


Are you passionate about incident response? Do you want to build upon your knowledge of how to mitigate cyberthreats? If yes, then you’d love the nuggets of wisdom these cybersecurity books can offer! 

Although pursuing certifications like CISSP is the best way to progress in this field, gaining firsthand knowledge from other cybersecurity experts equips you with a better understanding of your profession and gives you the ability to apply different philosophies.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to advance as an incident responder, add these cybersecurity books to your virtual bookshelf and get practical tips that will help support your career. 

1. “The Practice of Network Security Monitoring” by Richard Bejtlich

In this book, FireEye’s Chief Security Strategist Richard Bejtlich shows you how to deploy a robust layer of protection around your networks using open-source and vendor-neutral tools. To help you avoid inflexible solutions, the author also helps you learn how to interpret network evidence from both client-side and server-side intrusions. 

Though preventing every type of intrusion is impossible, “The Practice of Network Security Monitoring” explains how to best contain them.

2. “Reversing: The Secrets of Reverse Engineering” by Eldad Eilam 

If you’re working in a mid-level incident response position, you can be asked to reverse-engineer malicious code. In “Reversing: The Secrets of Reverse Engineering,” Eldad Eilam lays out the steps needed to reverse-engineer third-party libraries, including operating systems, assembly language and computer internals that come into play. You also gain the knowledge required to plug security holes that hackers usually exploit and, if you’re into advanced reverse-engineering, how to decipher assembly language. 

In a nutshell, you get the pleasure of reading one of the best cybersecurity books on the topic of reverse engineering.

3. “Practical Malware Analysis” by Michael Sikorski

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