Security Architecture podcast and the Bitglass SASE

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With the rapid growth of the remote workforce, organizations are in need of a comprehensive security platform that offers a plethora of capabilities for securing today’s business environment. Recently, on Security Architecture, a podcast that covers best security practices, Bitglass’ VP of Product Management, Mike Schuricht, discussed the topic of secure access service edge (SASE), outbound browsing, and how they work.

This discussion had notable insights that aren’t typically covered in SASE discussions; in particular, how you take a new approach to secure web gateways (SWGs). Security Architecture is hosted by Evgeniy Kharam and Dmitry Raidman, industry veterans who focus on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in the first season.

The discussion runs through a host of topics ranging from new requirements for the remote workforce, supporting DLP policies across the full spectrum of destinations (e.g. websites, SaaS apps, internal apps) and sources (e.g. company issued, BYOD), how the Bitglass architecture actually accelerates your access to SaaS apps, and notably, how his team developed a new architecture for web security that pushes core web security functions onto the end host.

On this last topic, Mike goes into detail on how 

Bitglass’ SmartEdge enables endpoints to carry their own on-device Secure Web Gateway (SWG). This terminates the need for localized Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and conducts the inspection of all network activity, blocking threats and data leakage–in real-time. They then integrate into Bitglass’ platform to bring CASB, Zero Trust Network Access, Advanced Threat Protection, and Identity Management into a single experience. 

To learn more, check out the episode below.

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