Frontline ATS™ and Microsoft Defender ATP Integration

Frontline ATS™ and Microsoft Defender ATP Integration

Thank you for your interest in the beta program for the Frontline ATS integration with Microsoft Defender ATP. 

This integration provides a comprehensive endpoint security solution by combining Microsoft Defender ATP’s agentless active monitoring with Frontline ATS’s ability to find additional active and passive malware threats – especially nascent threats – through agentless scanning. Threats detected by both Frontline ATS and Windows Defender ATP are consolidated in the Windows Security Center, where your team can easily view security threats impacting your critical servers and endpoints.

We invite you to be among the first to try this integration and see how it improves your endpoint security program. 


  1. Have access to Microsoft Defender ATP.
  2. Have access to Frontline ATS. If you aren’t currently using Frontline ATS, we’ll provide it to you, free of charge, for 30 days.
  3. Provide feedback in the form of surveys and/or direct interaction with Digital Defense and Microsoft team members.


  • When you’ve completed the beta, you’ll be eligible to activate one year of Frontline ATS, at no cost.
  • Participants who are willing to provide public testimonials will be eligible for post-release product discounts.

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Next Steps:

The beta process should take no more than a week, depending on your availability.

STEP 1  Your Digital Defense Client Advocate (CA) will contact you to schedule a set up appointment with one of our Integration Engineers.

STEP 2  Work with the technology and note your observations. One of our Integration Engineers can assist you if you have questions.

STEP 3  Your Integration Engineer will schedule a feedback session with our Microsoft partner to hear your comments.

STEP 4  Provide a testimonial, with approval from your internal stakeholders.

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