Data Privacy During Economic Downturn: How to Make It Work With Limited Resources?

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Data Privacy During Economic Downturn:

How to Make It Work With Limited Resources?

August 19th | 12PM ET

Data Privacy During Economic Downturn: How to Make It Work With Limited Resources?
The global spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the economic impact that followed has prompted many businesses to furlough the workforce or migrate from the traditional office to remote-working environments. The volatile landscape has created incremental risks, especially for organizations heavily relying on IT Sec/Ops teams to monitor security and privacy and enforce regulatory compliance.
A significant concern for businesses is finding personal and sensitive information for a specific data subject across multiple databases, applications, and other sources scattered across the enterprise. Moreover, accidental exposure and unauthorized access to sensitive data saved in unsecured locations may result in security breaches and regulatory scrutiny. Businesses are trying to overcome this challenge with limited resources and traditional solutions that are not scalable or effective.

Join us for a webinar to learn about:

1. Critical trends from the security and privacy landscape
2. Effective risk management at scale
3. How to minimize risk with tokenization and discovery


Rick Hedeman
As Senior Director of Business Development, Rick is responsible for partnering strategy and market development for, the most sustainable sensitive data discovery platform for privacy, security and data governance. Rick has spent the last 15 years building technology and services relationships across a wide spectrum of information security, risk and compliance applications and partners. Rick leverages his technical background and product management experience along with his enterprise solution development and delivery experience to identify, develop and drive synergistic relationships with partners. Rick’s teaching and coaching experience has come in handy when working to get understanding, alignment and agreement around a shared set of goals on complicated and nuanced topics.


Mark Bower

Mark is the SVP Enterprise Market Development, driving strategy for data security products at comForte, a pioneer in breakthrough security methods and solutions that are now core standards in modern data-centric security for cloud, analytic and payment applications.  Based in Boston, Mark is passionate about the global challenge of effective data security and privacy through cryptographic techniques and their practical adoption at scale in modern cloud architectures. Prior to Comforte, Mark supported startups in AI and cloud platforms, helped built out UK’s Egress Software’s US presence, a ran product and business strategy for Voltage Security, acquired by HPE in 2015.  Before moving to the US, Mark spent decade in Europe and Asia Pacific in helping establish national encryption and identity management ecosystems that are still a foundation of trust today.
Twitter: @markfbower

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