Coronavirus predictions: What are the long-term workplace implications of COVID-19?

Introduction: What will the world look like after the COVID-19 vaccine?

Human societies are often challenged by events out of our control. Extreme weather events happen and take with them many businesses and lives. Small-scale epidemics cause havoc in localities and countries. But one thing that we can say for humans is that we are always adaptable.

However, COVID-19 is a challenge like no other because of its global impact and unknown trajectory. It is stealing both our health and our wealth. In trying to rise to the coronavirus challenge, businesses that can adapt are doing so. But there are likely to be long-term implications of the virus. 

Here, I explore three possible changes to business-as-usual in the coming post-COVID-19 years.

Three key changes that we may see in a post-COVID-19 world

In a post-COVID-19 world, many things will stay the same and many will change. I can see three key areas that are already showing signs that the coronavirus has adjusted the way we do things. Here is my take on what may come to pass.

1. Working from home will become a common option and will need tech support

Over the last few months, there has been an avalanche of “how to work remotely” articles. Why? Because the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many countries encouraged or enforced lockdowns. Mass numbers of people have had to open up home office spaces and work remotely. 

A UK survey found that about 60% of workers in the UK were working from home during the lockdown. It is noteworthy that in the UK, around 30% of the workforce have worked from home at some point over the course of a year, with 5% working from home a week before the lockdown.

Working from home requires some effort, though. In (Read more...)

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