PerimeterX Spring 2020 Product Release: New Integrations and Capabilities

Digital Business leaders recognize that innovating at a rapid pace and adopting new application technologies is required to stay competitive, to grow digital revenue and to increase brand awareness. Many organizations fail in their digital transformations when trying to incorporate point solutions to manage the growing number of application security threats that span from classic code vulnerabilities to business logic threats. To truly secure today’s digital businesses, a platform approach is essential to enable the business to focus on growth. Consolidation of point products onto a single cloud-native platform can future-proof application security and help businesses bring new applications to market faster and more efficiently. A consolidated platform can also provide greater visibility into web analytics, data enriched with threat analysis, and empower businesses to make accurate decisions quickly.

To avoid integration challenges and high overhead, PerimeterX today announced the Spring 2020 Release, a comprehensive single-platform application protection solution that can be integrated quickly and easily into any existing infrastructure. The new release features deep integrations with leading cloud providers, added protection for account takeover attacks, a new verification to give customers choices beyond Google reCAPTCHA, extended client-side protection and a unified user dashboard to proactively manage new and emerging threats.

Integrations with Leading Infrastructure

The Spring Release includes integrations with a wide range of server-side and edge technologies including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. The integrations for Amazon Cloudfront with AWS Lambda@Edge give businesses the ability to fight bot attacks at the edge. While AWS WAF handles classic web application threats with a rule-based approach, PerimeterX Bot Defender mitigates the automated business logic attacks with a behavior-based system. PerimeterX products are integrated with Google Cloud Security Command Center, requiring minimal effort for GCP Marketplace customers to safeguard their web applications from a wide variety (Read more...)

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