Partnering to Win: Respond Software Joins with IIS to Enhance Security and Bring Added Value to Enterprise Customers

International Integrated Solutions (IIS) has been solving complex IT problems for enterprise customers across a wide range of industries for over thirty years. The company’s longstanding reputation was built by earning the trust of its customers and its claim to fame lies in its ability to respond quickly and effectively to their needs. IIS strives to bring the best technology and engineering resources available to bear on business problems, and is proud to include the Respond Analyst among the industry-leading solutions it now offers its customers.

“Today’s technology environments are changing so quickly that our customers simply can’t keep up,” says Jeff Smith, VP of Technology at IIS. “The sheer number of attacks continues to grow, as does the variety of tactics that attackers are employing. At the same time, our customers’ attack surfaces are expanding exponentially. They are unable to build systems or hire enough people to address all of their security needs. This is the fundamental problem that Respond Software is working to solve.”

Easing the difficulties posed by the cybersecurity skills gap where they’re most pressing

With nearly two million unfilled positions in the U.S. alone, the cybersecurity industry has struggled with a lack of skilled and qualified talent for over a decade. The problem is particularly acute in the New York City metro area where IIS is headquartered. “There just aren’t enough security analysts to go around,” says Smith. “Our customers’ security operations programs typically see hundreds of thousands of events per hour. It’s an endless stream of data, and human eyes simply cannot keep up with what’s needed to analyze and correlate all of it.”

With the Respond Analyst on board, security teams are able to consider every single one of these alerts, and to do so intelligently. Robotic decision automation software combines the precision and consistency of computing technology and machine learning with the experience and knowledge of senior cybersecurity professionals who are leaders in the field. “For security monitoring, it instantly separates the wheat from the chaff,” says Smith.

“We strive to offer our customers best-of-breed solutions that solve real-world problems,” says Smith. “Respond Software meets a pressing need, and there just aren’t a lot of other automated solutions out there that do what it does. For us, being able to offer the Respond Analyst differentiates us in a highly competitive market. Its uniqueness adds to the value we can bring our customers.”

Partnering to build a more resilient future for cybersecurity operations

Recent events have made cybersecurity challenges faced by companies across nearly all verticals even more urgent. As the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced enterprises to allow the majority of their employees to work from home—regardless of how well prepared they were to support distributed computing environments—cybercriminals continue to operate opportunistically, seeking to target vulnerabilities that have appeared with new ways of working.

“In the short term, many of our customers simply needed the essential tech to ensure they could get their remote workers up and running,” says Smith. “But it’s clear that the “new normal” will be different. Not all employees will return to their brick-and-mortar office buildings, and those that do will still need technologies that support more agile business practices,” he adds.

“The Respond Analyst shows such great promise today because it will allow security organizations to operate with fewer people in security operations centers (SOCs) at a moment when many companies are looking to retool their workspaces so that they’ll need to have fewer people in them. There’s so much interest in automation right now among our customer for that reason,” says Smith.

IIS looks forward to helping growing numbers of its customers deploy the Respond Analyst, and it is also hoping to build a future partnership with a managed security service provider (MSSP) that will allow it to offer Respond Analyst-powered security monitoring services to companies too small to maintain an in-house SOC.

“We’re having ongoing conversations right now,” says Smith. “We’re looking to create partnerships that will enable us to go to market, solve our customers’ most pressing challenges and create value.”

Interested in learning more about how our partners and customers are building a new paradigm and inventing the future of cybersecurity operations? For a deeper dive watch A Look In Five: The Respond Analyst UI on YouTube.

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