Graham Cluley Threatened With Legal Action By Information Security Company

via Graham’s respected security blog and Gareth Corfield of El Reg, comes word of outrageous and egregious legal buffonery by Keepnet Labs (Keepnet has responded in this release). Highly respected and prolific Volodymyr “Bob” Diachenko was the initial discoverer, his analysis of Keepnet Labs’ foible appears here… Clearly, an instance whence the ridiculous legal shenanigans of the company, coupled with an (apparently) high level of embarrasment led to a proverbial egg-on-their-faces scenario. Simply Astonishing.

‘”Now, if I was a security firm which found itself embroiled in an embarrassing breach like this I think I would be keen to be transparent about what had occurred, and share what I had done to ensure that similar problems did not occur again.’ – via Graham Cluley, writing at

A contractor left the Keepnet Elasticsearch database unsecured back in March after disabling a firewall, exposing around five billion harvested records to the public internet, the firm admitted in a statement yesterday. – via Gareth Corfield of The Register

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