Cyber Work podcast: How to become a cyber risk specialist


In this episode of Infosec’s Cyber Work podcast, host Chris Sienko speaks with Ryan Wallace, cyber risk expert and cyber risk supervisor at HORNE Cyber. They discussed the ins and outs of how to become a cyber risk analyst by delving into such topics as how Ryan got his start, what he does day-to-day, the best and worst parts of the job, tips to those looking to become a cyber risk specialist and more. 

About Ryan

Cybersecurity professionals come from all walks of life, which makes Ryan well-suited to speaking about this topic. Ryan is a cyber risk supervisor at HORNE Cyber, where he specializes in IT risk-related assurance services. He provides analytic expertise regarding policy design and implementation as well as IT compliance. Ryan also consults on information systems environment compliance and management for public and middle-market clients. 

Ryan joined the firm in 2014 with previous experience as a small business owner specializing in branding, graphic design and consulting. He is certified as an information systems auditor in risk and information systems control. Before this, he earned a Bachelor of Accountancy at Mississippi State University.

How Ryan got his start

Ryan grew up in small-town in Mississippi and was “pretty introverted” when he began working on his family computer as a kid. Later, he struggled for direction in community college and took a job in an ISP/PC repair store. Ryan did well interviewing, although he “couldn’t tell you the difference between modem and motherboard”. He earned a degree in Accountancy from Mississippi State University and then took a full-time job as a financial auditor. 

Shortly after, his firm offered Ryan an opportunity to assist with IT audits. He immediately fell back in love with tech and wanted to use his varied skill set to do (Read more...)

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