Browser Extensions and Malware: Q&A

In recent years, browser extensions and their risks have quietly become more prominent to both consumers and businesses. PerimeterX cybersecurity evangelist Reesha Dedhia sat down with us to discuss the evolution of these attacks and vectors on the PerimeterX Podcast. Listen to the full episode here.

In your role, you deal with a lot of challenges in the e-commerce and digital markets. What are the most prominent ones you’re seeing right now?

Reesha: I want to talk about a challenge that most of the market is still completely unaware of. As a digital or e-commerce leader, you’re investing a lot of time, budget and resources to create strategic marketing and website plans—with a goal of providing a positive online user experience, increasing business revenue and building your company’s brand reputation. To ensure these goals are being met, you continuously look at site data including metrics like click-through rates, time on site, unique visitor counts, bounce rates and conversion rates. It’s really an ongoing and active cycle of measuring, analyzing, optimizing and testing.

But what if you’re looking at your data and you find yourself with a high amount of bounce rates, cart abandonment rates and conversion loss rates that you just can’t explain?

To find answers to these questions, you might check to make sure page load speeds are as planned, the site messaging and content is being well received and the products being sold are relevant and performing well. Some ways to find the not-so-obvious answers to these questions could be to conduct customer interviews or surveys, read customer feedback and testimonials, or talk directly to customers.

But what if you do all this and you’re still finding yourself with unexplained high bounce rates, cart abandonment rates and conversion loss rates?

Your site could be experiencing this negative impact (Read more...)

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