Ask the Expert: Managing Risk through Digital Transformation, Part 2

Ken McPherson, CEO of Iceberg Networks sat down with us to answer more of the top questions we hear from organizations about managing risk through digital transformation. The following is an edited transcript of the conversation.

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Q: How does Iceberg Networks advise organizations manage risk through their digital transformation?

A: When looking at digital transformation and putting a digital risk management program together, our recommendation and some of the products we have been bringing out now is speed and quick time-to-value. Some of the top priorities of CEOs today, especially post-pandemic, they are asking “How do I get things up and running and gain value quickly?”

One of the things we recommend with organizations is don’t try to boil the ocean to get the perfect solution. Get something up and running in 60 or 90 days to start to show value in your digital risk program. Get a third-party risk program up and running with a set number of critical vendors. Learn from it, grow from it and earn the right to do more with management because of the value you start to see. Get a vulnerability program up and running with one scanner as quickly as possible. Show some results, move your cyber risk program ahead.

It’s all around speed, time-to-value and the solutions today are very advanced. They can be deployed quickly, just keep it out-of-the- box, don’t try to customize anything and don’t try to make it perfect.

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