What Are CIS Benchmarks? 7 Things You Need For Security and Compliance

The cybersecurity industry gives a lot of attention to protective solutions like firewalls and EDRs. Though these technologies are important for a powerful security program, over-focusing on these solutions can lead some to believe that security is something your team does to a network environment. 

In reality, if a network environment isn’t intrinsically secure, there aren’t enough security solutions on earth to keep it safe from cyber attacks. Instead, you need to focus on system hardening processes to keep your network safe. 

To be intrinsically secure, a network environment must be properly designed and configured. This is where the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks come in.

This post covers the following information:

  1. What are CIS Benchmarks?
  2. What are CIS Benchmark Levels?
  3. Who Uses CIS Benchmarks?
  4. Importance of CIS Benchmarks
  5. Additional Security Resources and CIS Benchmarks
  6. How to Implement Benchmarking in Your Organization
  7. Implementing and Maintaining CIS Benchmarks

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