RangeForce and One Distribution Forge Alliance to Bolster Cybersecurity Training in UK and Ireland with SaaS-based Cyber Skills Platform

LONDON and MANASSAS, Va., April 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading UK and Ireland technology distributor One Distribution and RangeForce, provider of the world’s most advanced SaaS-based simulation and cybersecurity skills platform, have announced a partnership to broaden availability of the RangeForce platform in the UK and Ireland.

With legacy classroom security training fading and on-demand courses topping the list of cybersecurity implementation challenges, customers are craving real-world experiential and economical training for their cybersecurity and IT professionals.

RangeForce is a best-in-class SaaS cybersecurity training platform providing:

  • Continuous simulated learning via integrated cyber range and on-demand training;
  • In-depth, role-based learning paths specific to the core competencies of Security Operations,  DevOps, and Application Security personne;
  • Hands-on lessons based on the latest vulnerabilities and cyberattack methods.

“Our enterprise customers are looking to reduce the costs of training as well as increase cyber incident detection and reduce the need to have critical staffers off-site at training. These are all factors in driving newer cloud-based, on-demand cybersecurity training platforms to the forefront as a significant focus of technology investment,”  said John Dams, General Manager, One Distribution. “RangeForce provides its entire training platform as a single SaaS solution — including 130+ training modules and a highly effective cyber range that has been battle-tested by major banks and technology firms across the UK and Ireland.”

According to RangeForce Director of EMEA Rupert Collier, “Cloud-based cyberskills platforms are disrupting security training because legacy approaches can’t provide the highly realistic, hands-on exposure needed to prepare the workforce for real-world cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. A key feature of the RangeForce platform is the ability to provide proof through quantitative benchmarking CISOs and boards demand. We’re thrilled to be working with One Distribution. They’re a team I know well, with a proven record of helping customers solve security challenges and build cyber resilience in enterprises across the region.”

To learn more about RangeForce download one of our whitepapers or request a demo.

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About One Distribution, Empowered Cyber Solutions for Business
One Distribution is the leading name in technology distribution, combining over 20 years of success and experience within the competitive, fast-paced, high growth tech space. Providing unrivaled expertise and agility to the cybersecurity marketplace, driving growth and expanding markets for our technology partners within the UK and Ireland. To learn more about One Distribution, visit www.onedistribution.co.uk

About RangeForce

RangeForce delivers the industry’s only integrated cybersecurity simulation and skills analysis platform that combines a virtual cyber range with hands-on advanced cybersecurity training. Cyber and IT professionals from all industry verticals use RangeForce to qualify their new-hires, train up DevOps, IT, and Security Staff, and run CyberSiege simulations to evaluate team skills. Only RangeForce can accurately show users where expertise gaps exist, fill those gaps with highly-effective simulation-based training, and accurately report on the entire process. To learn more about RangeForce, visit www.rangeforce.com.

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