Announcing the 1st International Workshop on Smart Contract Analysis

At Trail of Bits we do more than just security audits: We also push the boundaries of research in vulnerability detection tools, regularly present our work in academic conferences, and review interesting papers from other researchers (see our recent Real World Crypto and Financial Crypto recaps).

In this spirit, we and Northern Arizona University are pleased to co-organize the 1st International Workshop on Smart Contract Analysis (WoSCA 2020). Co-located with ISSTA 2020, our workshop will bring together researchers from all over the world to discuss static and dynamic approaches for analyzing smart contracts, static and dynamic. It covers, but is not limited to:

  • Analysis-based vulnerability discovery (e.g. heuristics-based static analysis, fuzzing)
  • Sound analysis (e.g. model checking, temporal logic)
  • Code optimization (e.g. code-size reduction, gas-cost estimation)
  • Code understanding (e.g. decompilation, reverse engineering)
  • Code monitoring (e.g. debugging, fault detection)
  • Intermediate representation (e.g. design, specification)

WoSCA 2020 also actively promotes open and reproducible research. We especially encourage you to submit papers that show how to improve existing tools or propose new ones!

Submit your paper (up to 8 pages) by Friday, May 22, 2020 (AoE).

And don’t forget: We’re still accepting submissions for the 10k Crytic Research Prize, which honors published academic papers built around or on top of our blockchain tools. Get involved!

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