Feature Spotlight: Using the Siemplify Integrated Development Environment

In a perfect world, every security product you brought into your environment would meet every one of your needs right out of the box. However, we know that is not always the case.

No matter how good a product is there will always be the need to tailor the solution. To that end, the Siemplify Security Operations Platform includes an integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE enables organizations to customize playbook actions and integrations.

Recently we introduced new and improved capabilities that will make programming these customizations easier than ever before. There are three major areas of improvement in the IDE:

1) Improved custom integration capabilities

2) Enhanced integration testing

3) New customization options

The short video above walks you through each of these areas, highlighting the key changes and improvements, which are comprised of:

Improved Custom Integrations

If you are familiar with our existing IDE, you know that you can create new connectors, actions and jobs. Now you can create a new custom integration.

In the IDE, you can create a new integration, give the integration a name and provide an image. Y0u can also define script dependencies and parameters required to configure the integration, such as ‘API Root’ and ‘Password.’ Click ‘Save,’ and now your custom integration is defined. 

If you then go to the marketplace, you will see the new custom integration is now shown. This allows  engineers and architects in your organization to create the integration and make it available to anyone who needs it. 

Let’s go back to the custom integration. Now you can create new actions for this integration by clicking the ‘plus’ sign, select ‘Action,’ give it a name and choose the integration. This provides you a template for this custom integration action.

Enhanced Integration Testing

As you create an integration action, you can now easily test the action by clicking the testing tab, choosing the scope and test case and running the action, which will return results. This allows engineers to check the integration before publishing. 

This  capability takes our custom capabilities far beyond the competition. 

Customization Options

Siemplify now provides direct access to the Siemplify software development kit from the IDE. Users also have more IDE user interface customization options, such as changing colors and font sizes and enabling invisibles while making use of autocomplete Python terms in the IDE. 

In summary, the new IDE and improved custom integration options make the Siemplify Security Operations Platform not only simple for analysts but also ready for engineers.

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