Everybody Work From Home – Idaptive is Ready to Help

Idaptive is offering free, no-obligation use of SSO and MFA solutions to help companies secure their new remote workforce.

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In response to the unprecedented increase of remote and work-from-home workers, we are taking proactive steps to provide companies across the globe tools necessary to enable their employees to be immediately productive as they work remotely while ensuring that company resources and data stay protected.

Effective today, we are offering free, no-obligation use of our SSO and MFA products for six months.* Any company, regardless of the size, the number of employees, or deployed apps, can leverage our platform for secure and convenient access to their applications and endpoints.**

Our goal is to ensure that companies impacted by the current situation can rapidly support their remote employees while keeping their resources, applications, and data safe.  

The following functionality is included, without cost or long-term obligation, to any company:  

  • Single Sign-OnReduce the number of passwords your employees need to remember to just one and enable secure access to all applications.  Our SSO solution includes robust self-service capabilities that can reduce the burden on your IT help desk team and ensure they have the bandwidth to support the increase in the remote workforce.  
  • App Gateway: Enable your remote employees to access on-premise apps from anywhere without relying on a VPN. App Gateway works out of the box, so there is no need to make any code changes in your apps or deploy additional infrastructure. 
  • Multi-factor Authentication: Protect your apps, endpoints, and all those new VPN connections with a comprehensive range of user-friendly authentication methods, including push notifications, SMS messages, emails, phone calls, YubiKeys, or mobile authenticator apps. Our MFA solution increases security in home-based work environments while keeping your employees productive.
  • Device Security Management: Ensure that endpoint devices that do not frequently connect to corporate networks for updates are secured and can be deployed to your remote workers with minimal IT involvement. 

To get started with Idaptive, all you need to do is fill out this form. There is no need to provide a credit card or sign contracts. 

If you have any questions, please reach out by calling (408) 495-8124 or sending us an email  – our team will be happy to answer them! 

Stay safe! 


*Offer valid for new customers, starting March 20th, 2020, through October 31st, 2020.
**Idaptive is designed for medium to large enterprises with at least one hundred employees. Our products are less suited for the unique challenges of small businesses and individuals.

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