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Commission Delivers U.S. Cybersecurity Road Map

In the midst of our growing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, a major new U.S. cybersecurity strategy was released by a bipartisan commission on March 11, 2020. This ground-breaking report outlines a strategy to fundamentally reshape the U.S.’s approach to cybersecurity and prepare for resiliency and response before a major cyberincident occurs.

Despite everything going on right now with the global pandemic, this report is a must-read for any serious cybersecurity leader, policymaker and planner.   

“In studying this issue,” begins the letter from Sen. Angus King and Rep. Mike Gallagher, the chairmen of the commission, “it is easy to descend into a morass of classification, acronyms, jargon, and obscure government organization charts. To avoid that, we tried something different: an unclassified report that we hope will be found readable by the very people who are affected by the very people who are affected by cyber insecurity – everyone. This report is also aimed squarely at action; it has numerous recommendations addressing organizational, policy, and technical issues, and we included an appendix with draft bills that Congress can rapidly act upon to put these ideas into practice and make America more secure.

“The reality is that we are dangerously insecure in cyber. Your entire life—your paycheck, your health care, your electricity—increasingly relies on networks of digital devices that store, process, and analyze data. These networks are vulnerable, if not already compromised. Our country has lost hundreds of billions of dollars to nation-state-sponsored intellectual property theft using cyber espionage. A major cyberattack on the nation’s critical infrastructure and economic system would create chaos and lasting damage exceeding that wreaked by fires in California, floods in the Midwest, and hurricanes in the Southeast. …”

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s proposes a strategy of layered cyber deterrence. The report consists of over 75 recommendations to (Read more...)

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