Business continuity during Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak

Blueliv is closely monitoring the rapidly changing developments related to the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

As yet, we have little certainty around the long term impact that COVID-19 will have on our daily lives. However, it is important to communicate that Blueliv is prepared to handle the crisis in the immediate term.

We have taken a number of proactive measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients, partners and suppliers, and to ensure business continuity during the crisis.

All of our systems are cloud-based and Threat Compass is fully automated, so we can reassure you that our service delivery functions will continue without disruption. Our staff remains available via normal virtual channels.

Meanwhile, we have equipped all employees to work remotely and directed that they perform their duties from home. All non-essential travel has also been suspended, and all internal and external meetings are to take place virtually until further notice. We understand this may impact some planned meetings but we hope that all participants understand the gravity of the current situation.

We continue monitoring advice from governments and the World Health Organization (WHO). This advice will help inform our ongoing risk assessment in relation to business continuity and our response.

Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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