Providing the best and most secure digital engagements for your customers

Today data breaches are frequently hitting the headlines, couple these high-profile hacks with developments in data privacy regulations and you have increased pressure on organisations to prioritise the security of their customers’ personal data.

Creating a seamless journey and giving customers access to their communication channel of choice means that organizations are facing a complex scenario. It’s no secret that more consumers than ever lean towards digital channels as their preferred, first contact way of engaging with a brand.  Although most businesses are aware of this trend, not all are taking the necessary steps towards providing a secure digital experience. According to a recent PCI Pal survey, only 31% of consumers currently feel comfortable making payments via a digital channel such as an app, SMS, or Webchat.

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To facilitate a positive customer experience, organisations should engage customers ‘where they are’ – this means allowing them to interact and make payments via their channel of choice. Not only supporting the communication channel, be it digital or telephony based, but securing these channels as well. Digital communication channels aren’t necessarily replacing the traditional customer service models, which are primarily telephony based, but instead offering additional options to meet consumer preference and facilitate omnichannel engagement.

While the addition of payments via digital channels provides new opportunities for businesses, it is important that data privacy and consumer security continues to be prioritised or face serious financial consequences as well as damage to brand reputation. As businesses consider new digital payment solutions, adherence to the requirements of PCI DSS which ensures sensitive cardholder data is secure and protected every step of the way, is paramount no matter what the payment channel.

PCI Pal recently launched PCI Pal Digital, providing a true omnichannel secure payment solution that enables organisations to take payments across Webchat, WhatsApp, Social Media, Email and SMS. The technology ensures these channels are descoped from the requirements of PCI DSS while retaining operational flexibility to engage in conversations with the customer.

PCI Pal Digital works once a payment has been requested via a digital channel. An agent generates a secure URL link, sending the customer to a payment page where they enter their details.

With PCI Pal Digital, the sensitive data does not enter the contact centre environment at any point during the payment process, minimizing potential misuse of the data. And, since the agent and customer stay in conversation throughout the entire process, the agent can track the progress in real-time, offering support where needed and ensuring an overall seamless customer experience.

Learn more about our omnichannel payment solution by viewing our PCI Pal Digital Video or contact us now to discuss how we can help your organisation descope your contact centre environment from the requirements of PCI DSS

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