Rooting out telephone payment security risks

Rooting out telephone payment security risks

While compliance with PCI DSS may appear daunting, it in fact helps organisations to become more efficient: safeguarding customers’ payment card data, while protecting employees from being exposed to sensitive data and descoping this from the company’s storage systems. While organisations across all industries face the same challenge of earning ... Read More

Providing the best and most secure digital engagements for your customers

PCI Pal recently launched PCI Pal Digital, providing a true omnichannel secure payment solution that enables organisations to take payments across Webchat, WhatsApp, Social Media, Email and SMS. The technology ensures these channels are descoped from the requirements of PCI DSS while retaining operational flexibility to engage in conversations with ... Read More

Come sue with us! Half a million customers of BA affected by data breach get the go ahead to take legal action against the airline.

British Airways was dealt another blow recently following their 2018 data breach. The High Court ruled that customers affected in the breach are now able to pursue legal action against the company. The British airline giant can now add lawsuits with up to 500,000 customers to their growing list of ... Read More

Compliance and technology: Working together for the logistics sector

At PCI Pal, we work with some of the largest logistics organisations in the world and while the impact of technology is plain to see, there are additional considerations firms need to take into account when embracing new technology - one of those being data compliance. The post Compliance and ... Read More