Infocyte’s Chris Gerritz Appointed to Board of Non-Profit Merivis to Support Veteran Tech Transitions

Retired Air Force cybersecurity officer embraces Merivis vision of finding high-tech careers for former military personnel and their spouses.

AUSTIN, Texas—Feb. 27, 2020—Chris Gerritz, Co-founder and CPO of Infocyte, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Merivis, a non-profit organization that provides training for veterans and military spouses on the Salesforce platform and other cloud computing technologies. Mervis helps veterans prepare for rewarding, high-paying civilian careers after leaving the military—a transition that can be challenging for many former military personnel. The role is a natural fit for Gerritz, a retired Air Force officer and service-disabled veteran.

“We’re excited to have Chris join our board of directors,” Joe Castro, Merivis Co-Founder & Chairman, said. “As a military veteran, an entrepreneur, an executive in the technology industry, and an experienced board member for other nonprofits, Chris’ experience will help Merivis scale our programs and grow as an organization.”

“I can empathize with the process of re-entry into civilian life. I went through it myself,” Gerritz said. “Merivis provides veterans with a path to in-demand technology careers that they aren’t typically exposed to while serving.” Prior to Infocyte, Gerritz served in one of the Air Force’s premier cybersecurity units.

Merivis is a volunteer-driven Veterans Service Organization (VSO). Their mission is to empower veterans and their spouses by training them on the Salesforce platform and providing a community to assist them throughout their career. According to IDC, the Salesforce ecosystem is projected to create over 3 million jobs in the next two years. Merivis offers a best-in-class curriculum, supported by what it calls a “dedicated family mentality.” Merivis follow up on training by connecting veterans and military spouses to relevant career opportunities and the greater Merivis alumni network.


About Infocyte
Infocyte is a recognized leader in proactive threat detection and on-demand incident response. The world’s leading security and incident response firms (Check Point, PwC and more) trust Infocyte’s platform to proactively detect and respond to vulnerabilities and threats hiding within their customers’ endpoints, data centers and cloud environments. Enterprises with a security operations center (SOC) leverage Infocyte’s platform to maintain compliance, reduce risk and optimize security operations. Small and mid-market organizations with an understaffed security team and fewer technical resources leverage Infocyte as a managed service, delivered through one of our partners, providing enterprise-level detection and response services to the mid-market. For partners, Infocyte represents the fastest path for delivering cost-effective and flexible consulting services and ongoing Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to their customers via our easy-to-use cloud platform. Infocyte was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Austin, TX.

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