Infocyte Completes first 90 Days of Microsoft 365 Threat Assessments

Findings Highlight Organizations Struggle with Proper MS 365 Configuration

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office or O365) is the most popular SaaS productivity and back-office platform in the market today. The platform is leveraged by organizations of many different sizes; however, they all face the same challenges for handling the overall security and configuration of the platform. Microsoft 365 configuration is complex and is difficult to configure correctly and even the simplest changes could result in increasing risk to your business.

The Infocyte Platform has conducted almost 50 Threat Assessments covering over 10,000 user accounts across small and mid-market businesses. The threat assessment findings quickly reveal that most organizations are struggling to keep their environments secure and are not leveraging key security controls within MS 365 to protect their environment. Couple these findings with the number of organizations migrating to MS 365 and you have a situation that is ripe for malicious actors looking to launch ransomware, account takeover (ATO), and more.

Digging through the data, Infocyte has uncovered that the average Secure Score is 28%, with only those subscribed to Infocyte’s Command Service scoring over 60% (or greater). The Secure Score is a measurement of an organization’s security posture and an overall average score of 28% is the leading indicator that organizations are struggling to secure their MS 365 environments. Digging deeper into the analysis, we find that many crucial security controls are not being leveraged; thus, greatly increasing the overall risk to the business. 

Secure Score Range 0-20% 21-59% 60%+
% of Threat Assessments ~30% ~60%  ~10% 
Infocyte Secure Score Results Breakdown (First 90 Days)
  • 83% have not fully implemented multi-factor authentication for all users in administrative roles, and 89% are not enforcing multi-factor authentication across their total user base. This indicates that a majority of small to mid-sized businesses are likely at risk of having accounts compromised and experiencing a costly security breach.
  • 76% are not leveraging or implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and are putting themselves in a position where potentially sensitive data can be easily exfiltrated from their organization.
  • 94% have not configured environments to block legacy (or basic) authentication methods and are introducing increased risk to exposing credentials and other key secrets to malicious actors.
  • 79% have not properly configured their environments to prevent mail transport rules from forwarding emails to external domains. This puts these organizations at risk for unwanted leakage of sensitive data should a users account be compromised.

This data highlights the need and importance for small and mid-sized businesses to conduct a Threat Assessment of their MS 365 Environment. Having the ability to leverage Infocyte’s Platform for MS 365 Threat Assessments, guided remediation of findings and being able to continuously monitor an MS 365 Environment for introduced risk will simplify securing an MS 365 Environment and greatly improve an organization’s security posture.

For customers who engaged in our Command Service, scores have increased by over 80% from their original score, highlighting the need for expert guidance when remediating security findings within an MS 365 Environment.
The real question is–how does your Secure Score compare? Are you confident in the overall security posture of your MS 365 Environment? Sign-up for our Community Edition here and assess your environment in less than 20 minutes.

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