[Webinars] “Open source” management and secure development

Learn about management practices inspired by open source principles and how a structured approach to secure software development is the best way forward.

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How Open Source Made Me a Better Manager

Management might seem like a simple job: You tell people what to do, they do it, rinse, repeat. For bad managers, it really is this simple.

Good managers do things differently. They let team members influence, even drive, the team’s direction. They allow the best ideas to guide the team’s activity, no matter who brings them up. They are not intimidated by nonmanagers displaying leadership qualities. Instead, they encourage them.

While these sentiments aren’t unique to open source, they are the core of open source communities: allowing individuals to exert influence without any official authority. That’s why Allon Mureinik, senior manager at Synopsys, believes working in open source is the best way to learn how to be a good manager, a concept he’ll discuss in this talk.

What: How Open Source Made Me a Better Manager

When: Tuesday, Feb. 11 @ 10 a.m. GMT

Who: Allon Mureinik, senior manager, Synopsys

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That’s Not How This Works

Development teams are pressured to push new software out quickly. But with speed comes risk. Anyone can write software, but if you want to create software that is safe, secure, and robust, you need the right process. Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to software development usually end in tears and heartburn
  • How a structured approach to secure software development lowers risk for you and your customers
  • Why automation and security testing tools are key components in the implementation of a secure development life cycle

What: That’s Not How This Works

When: Thursday, Feb. 11 @ 1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific

Who: Jonathan Knudsen, technical marketing manager, Synopsys

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