Nexus Innovator: David Radford-Grant of Achievers

Everyone knows that when the boss is happy, you’re happy.

0David Radford-Grant knows more about this than the average person, and for good reason. He is someone with a unique view into employee moods and behavior. That’s because, as Manager of DevOps Engineering at Achievers, he builds and refines an employee recognition and engagement platform that helps employees earn kudos from their bosses and build careers.

And just like the rest of us, David has a boss to keep happy, too.

Before he saved the day — and his boss untold time, money, and frustration — David was embracing DevOps, an approach some considered radical in its early years.

Discovering DevOps and Sonatype Nexus

“I’d say in 2012 was when I was first really exposed to a CI/CD and the underpinnings of DevOps. It just sort of grew from there. By the end of 2014 I was spearheading the DevOps evolution at work,” he says, recalling his time at Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s biggest drugstore chain.

He quickly found and implemented Sonatype’s Nexus Repository.

“I put Nexus in place as part of a whole pipeline solution for one of [Shoppers Drug Mart’s] flagship products. I was using it at that time, initially, for proxying the Java libraries that they were importing from the internet and it just worked right out of the box. It integrated with the Mercurial instances we had set up, and with the Jenkins I had set up. It was just a dream to work with. Nexus was so easy, so well laid out, so well-documented, and lots of use cases from people out there using it,” he recalls.

Instead of failing to meet expectations, Nexus exceeded them. “I never had a problem with it. It integrated with our active directory, no problems. A backup was no (Read more...)

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