Improved Team Collaboration with G Suite, Powered by Bitglass & Okta

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As organizations continue to select their productivity suite, G Suite has rapidly established itself as a platform that seamlessly empowers team collaboration. A state agency recently started adopting G Suite and their top three reasons for choosing G Suite as their preferred platform over O365 seemed to be a simplified licensing model leading to cost savings, improved team collaboration and enhanced data security.

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While selecting G Suite, they chose their security ecosystem consisting of Bitglass and Okta. With the shared responsibility model in full flow, Google ably handled the security of the cloud with their ~30B capex investment on Google Cloud and purpose-built Titan chips to establish hardware root of trust for their cloud infrastructure. The security in the cloud (data protection) was where Bitglass added value with the following best in class capabilities:

  • Data Leakage Prevention via Agentless real-time upload / download DLP along with out-of-band API visibility and control for audit & compliance
  • Visibility and control of connected apps with google
  • Customizable threat protection
  • Contextual access and tenancy controls

The state started adopting G Suite for their calendar and email, only to quickly notice their users start leveraging G Drive, G Docs, G sheets etc. Bitglass was seamlessly able to meet their compliance requirements and cater to all the G Suite products. 

Happy customers, happy business!

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