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If You’re in Cybersecurity, You Need to Be at RSA 2020

The RSA Conference of 2020 is just around the corner, and believe it or not, this venerable cybersecurity trade show held in San Francisco, CA is now in its 29th year. The event—heck, the entire industry—has come a long way since 1991, when a small group of cryptographers got together for a single panel discussion about encryption standards. Last year’s conference brought together 42,000 attendees to hear from 740 speakers and connect with more than 700 security vendors on the expo floor.

YOU Are This Year’s Theme

Every year the RSA Conference has a unique theme. From the early 90s through the mid-teens, those themes celebrated and learned from historical people, philosophies and technologies. They were always interesting, but felt rather, well, academic. More recently, however, the event has focused on concepts that get more at the heart of what cybersecurity professionals are facing every day. This year, the theme is the “Human Element.” Here’s how they describe it:

What is the most powerful tool to prevent cyberattacks? It’s you. Your ideas, your creativity and your knowledge play a huge role in protecting the digital world. That’s why the theme of RSA Conference 2020 is Human Element.

As industry folks, we naturally tend to focus on the technology. And when we do talk about the human element, we’re usually referring to the unwashed masses (AKA end users) who click links and open files with abandon, putting our critical systems and data at risk. And while technological security defenses are critical—you simply can’t protect modern enterprises without them—we still need human cybersecurity professionals. More than ever, in fact.

As guardians of infosec, it is our job to help entire organization, from the board to the end users, become more fluent in cyber risk. Further, we must build and execute a strategy that enables the business to operate securely. The more supportive the industry at large becomes—from addressing specific threats to orchestrating cyber risk management to automating to offload manual tasks—the more we are able to focus on meeting future security challenges.

Be on the Lookout for These Trends 

Every year, thousands of speakers apply to present a session at RSA, hoping to shed some expert light on what’s top-of-mind right now. The conference organizers sifted through the 2,400 responses they received for 2020, and the trends they uncovered align with what we’re seeing in the industry.

After the human element, which came in at number one, the next three trends they found were secure products, IT and OT security and secure engineering. There’s a theme here, which is that security has finally unshackled itself from a narrow IT remit and is now being embedded throughout the entire organization. That leads to the eighth and ninth trends, which revolve around communication, and more specifically, how “CSOs need to understand all that has moved into the realm of their purview.” This includes security awareness and the need to break down the old siloed approach with increased visibility and assurance across the entire enterprise.  Tracking with ZeroNorth’s world view, this evolution empowers DevSecOps, product security, supply chain security and more.

Sessions We’re Looking Forward To

You don’t want to miss DevSecOps Days which kicks off at 9 am on Monday, February 24. The day-long session will focus on the journey to DevSecOps, the hurdles encountered along the way and how to get buy-in from across the enterprise.  ZeroNorth will be onsite with a booth, ready to engage and discuss how our solutions and capabilities are affecting the dynamic landscape we see today.

The full conference agenda has close to 350 presentations, keynotes, panels, labs, programs, social activities—you name it. There’s definitely something for everyone here. In fact, there are a whopping 24 topic tracks. A few in particular we’ll be following are: C-Suite View, DevSecOps & Application Security, Product Security, Protecting Data & the Supply Chain Ecosystem, Risk Management & Governance, Security Strategy & Architecture and Technology Infrastructure & Operations.

ZeroNorth partners and integrates with many of the market-leading commercial and open source technologies. Some of those partners will be sharing their knowledge in various sessions throughout the show, including:

  • How to Harness Dev and Their Native Tools to Accelerate DevSecOps (GitLab)
  • Collaborating to Improve Open Source Security: How the Ecosystem Is Stepping Up (Microsoft Azure)
  • Losing Our Reality: How Deepfakes Threaten Businesses and Global Markets (Snyk)
  • How to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader (Splunk)
  • Time to Spell Out Open Source Software Security (Veracode)
  • 8 Million Findings in One Year: Fresh Look at the State of Software Security (Veracode, with Cyentia Institute)

And don’t forget. ZeroNorth will be at booth #5360 in Expo Hall North, and we’ve got an easy meeting request form available now. Come by and connect with us during this week-long expo on bringing security to the DevOps world.

We hope to see you there!

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