Top five cybersecurity architect certifications

Introduction: What is the role of a cybersecurity architect in information security?

A cybersecurity architect is a key player in protecting a company’s networks, data and sensitive information from cybercriminals. In fact, this professional oversees many areas of the implementation of security features in networks and computers as well as the building of all defenses, in particular with the devising of ways to test the systems and planning for response and recovery. He or she also drafts and implements policies and procedures related to the security of the IT infrastructure they are entrusted with.

A position with such a variety of duties requires a professional with a great understanding of computer systems and network architectures as well as the mastery of a variety of technologies from VPNs to clouds. You must be able to provide advice on secure solutions like applying essential security tools for vulnerability discovery, such as using intrusion prevention systems. 

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In addition, however, security architects need to be well-versed in recommending changes or enhancements in order to maintain the integrity, security and availability of the company’s systems and information assets preparing proposals to submit to a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and/or management for funding. Supervising a team of security experts is often needed, as well as having a good grasp of the company’s mission, priority and work to advise on the best, cost-effective measures to implement for its protection.

This is definitely not an entry-level position and requires a strong theoretical background and highly developed skills in planning, project management, communication and leadership. That said, as a cybersecurity architect, you’re likely to serve in various roles in an organization with similar duties but different titles, such as:

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