Time for Something New…

Six years ago, we started Safe-T to bring consistency and simplicity to secure access. We knew, back in the early days of the digital transformation, that attackers would use this new opportunity to make their way inside corporate networks at any given chance. That led to the development of our unique Secure Access Solution to help businesses reduce their attack surface and protect from external and insider threats. 

Back then, companies were only beginning to understand the need to lock down access to their resources from the outside. But today, preventing outsiders from accessing corporate data is a number one concern for security and IT teams. And we’re thankful that we have been able to play a role in helping companies around the globe secure access to their resources and applications. 

After a few exhilarating years of growth and refinement, we’re excited to announce that we have rebranded to better reflect where we, along with the concept of secure application access, stand now. 

We all know that the cloud, along with multi and hybrid cloud usage has rendered the moat-and-castle network perimeter model effectively dead. Attackers now have more ways to breach networks than ever. 

Evolving problems need evolving solutions. This is why we have developed Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, Secure Applications Access , the application access solution that enables organizations to provision access to applications with unprecedented ease and security. It can be deployed on top of, next to, or in place of your current VPN, giving you total control and freedom to implement it entirely tailored to your needs. And our Secure File Access (SFA) now keeps your files and transfers secured from leakage, and theft for enhanced security. These are both part of our redeveloped Zero+ family of access solutions to meet today’s most complex access challenges. 

Looking beyond Secure Applications Access (SAA/ SDP) and Secure File Access (SFA),  our newly designed website aims to be YOU-centered—providing you with information you need at a glance, in a simple and crisp format. 

The bold new golden yellow color palette reflects our goal of giving you nothing less than total excellence, the gold standard if you will, in access solutions—after all, we are the Masters Of Access

The “+” denotes giving you “more”—more deployment options, more access methods, more flexibility, and more ways to ensure the “Safe-T” of your data.

We hope you like our new branding and website—and we welcome your feedback.

One thing that has not changed—and will never change!—is our dedication to you, our users. You are why we do what we do and we’re so thankful that you have chosen to trust us with your application access needs. 

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