Embracing the Human Element of Security

RSA Conference 2020’s theme “Human Element” is an apt one for Signal Sciences: from our inception, we have focused on empowering security teams to share production security data and KPIs so their developer and DevOps teammates have the layer 7 visibility necessary for proactive web app protection.

Defining what security is usually boils down to people, process, and tools. Processes and tools are only as effective as the people who practice and use them. More importantly, the people securing an organization’s digital assets cannot be forgotten while attention shifts to the Next Shiny Object (artificial intelligence and machine learning anyone?) and new technical approaches to further enhance your company’s security posture. Those are important, no doubt, as tools need to evolve to be more effective. But humans are still necessary to effectively utilize the security tool stack your organization has invested in. Security practitioners must also work effectively across an org to both prevent and respond to the next incident. 

Join Signal Sciences at RSA Conference 2020

Signal Sciences executives and application security specialists will be available to show you how we empower the human element of security.  We’ll showcase and discuss our award-winning web protection offering with demonstrations and informative presentation sessions. We invite you to stop by booth #461 in the Moscone Convention Center South Expo Hall and talk with our application security experts.

As the fastest growing application protection vendor in the world, Signal Sciences looks forward to meeting with industry colleagues and security practitioners to:

  • Present how our SaaS-delivered solution provides the most effective layer 7 web protection available on the market today
  • Demonstrate our next-gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution for security teams and strategic decision makers who need proactive web application protection across cloud, on premise, containers, serverless or hybrid environments  
  • Provide cool swag you can add to your wardrobe

Stop by for a demo and learn how Signal Sciences makes web layer security visible with actionable metrics and alerting while empowering security, development and operations teams to deploy and scale their app footprint across any environment.

WHEN: February 24th – 27th
WHERE: Moscone Convention Center – San Francisco, CA
South Expo Hall, Booth 461

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