Signal Sciences Recognized as a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls Two Years in a Row

We’re thrilled to announce that Gartner has named Signal Sciences a Visionary in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls (WAF)1 for the second year running. Last year was our first entrance in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAF, and we’re continuing the momentum again this year. We believe this milestone is a testament to our extreme focus on solving security challenges our customers face in production.

Customer validation mirrors Gartner’s assessment

This report follows the February 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for WAF Software, based on customer reviews, where Signal Sciences was recognized with the highest distinction of five out of five stars based on 68 reviews, as of 20 October 2020. Signal Sciences is the only vendor listed on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAFs to have also received the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice two years in a row. Our customers’ testimonials mirror Gartner’s findings regarding our protection that is both scalable and easy to use. Here’s just one example from Gartner Peer Insights:

The Signal Sciences WAF has offered unprecedented protection of our web applications and APIs. We process more than 1.5 billion web requests every month, many of which are malicious or attack traffic, while relying on Signal Sciences to distinguish signal and noise by applying intelligent and dynamic methods. Signal Sciences WAF is easy to deploy, intuitive, effective, and one of the leading security technologies we use.

CISO at Professional Services company

Key strengths of our web application and API protection solution

Customers rely on Signal Sciences’ web application and API protection platform for several key reasons including:

  • Flexible technical architecture that powers our protective capabilities: our global presence and Cloud WAF hosted-agent deployment option combined with several levels of rules provide both “out of the box” protection while defending against advanced web attacks with customized “Power Rules.”
  • Cloud-native frameworks support: organizations are increasingly adopting container orchestration tooling like Kubernetes as well as service meshes such as Envoy Proxy and Istio: we integrate with all three to provide detection and blocking on east-west traffic in containerized app deployments and between microservices.
  • Superior customer experience: our ease of use and flexible dashboards provide security operations staff the layer 7 visibility and insights they need to proactively stop web attacks and empower DevOps teams.

Moreover, we offer customers multiple deployment options to protect their apps and APIs wherever they operate them, including multiple PaaS and IaaS platforms. Our native integrations with SIEM, SOAR, and DevOps tools provide developers and security practitioners with the security data they need to protect against attacks in production.

Innovation to protect modern apps and APIs

We continue to innovate to provide the web protection our customers need. For example, we recently launched an Azure App Service site extension that enables organizations to easily protect any app or API running on an IIS server instance. We also launched a native integration with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR to enable security teams layer 7 indicators so they can more rapidly investigate and stop application attacks that could lead to a breach. There are just two examples: now that we’re part of Fastly, we will extend our global reach as we integrate our web protection technology with the Fastly’s edge cloud platform. Stay tuned for updates!


1 – Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls, Jeremy D’Hoinne, Adam Hils, Rajpreet Kaur, John Watts, 19 October 2020

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