In a recent interview with Lakeshore Public Radio producer and host Chris Nolte, Robert E. Johnson III, shares his thoughts regarding Cimcor’s inclusion within Cybersecurity Ventures Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2020 list.  The following is an excerpt to the interview between Nolte and Johnson, and the important role cybersecurity plays with all businesses. 

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for content and length. The interview in its entirety can be found at the end of the this post.


Q: In a busy section of Merrillville Indiana is a business which has picked up notoriety lately. The company we are referring to is Cimcor Inc. We have the president and CEO of the company, Robert E. Johnson, III.  This very important piece of information we’ve got is about how Cimcor’s become one of the Hot 150 Cybersecurity companies in the country , and (Read more...)