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Building and maintaining trust in the Not for Profit Sector

With donors entrusting their money, personal data and emotions, reputation is everything for Not for Profit organisations. Whether an international charity or a smaller cause, donors are vital for success.

Arguably, Not for Profit organisations face more competition and scrutiny than an average business and, like most sectors, the industry has undergone transformation in recent years with the introduction of new technologies. These organisations operate in a time where high-profile data breaches are commonplace leading wary consumers to become more protective over their personal data than ever before – all stressing the importance of ensuring that data is handled securely.

As highlighted by our recent research, consumers in the UK and US  viewed  Not for Profit as one of the least secure industries when it comes to their data. This highlights the need for Not for Profit organisations to place a high priority on data security and communicating their efforts to reassure current and future donors about the measures they are taking to ensure they are not only operating securely but are compliant.

We spoke with the team at The Woodland Trust about the steps they have taken to not only secure sensitive payment data and comply with PCI DSS rules, but to provide a quality experience and reassure patrons that their data is secure. The company realised the need to build trust when handling the payment information of supporters by implementing new procedures, confirming that their personal information was safe and handled in a compliant way.

Investing in PCI Pal’s Agent Assist solution has benefitted the organisation’s supporters as calls are more efficient, there’s no onus on staff to process any card information and sensitive payment card data is handled securely according to requirements of PCI DSS. To find out more about the Woodland Trust’s compliance journey, read our case study to find out more.

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