Webinar:  Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! In honor of this, on October 30th, Apptega is hosting our 2nd webinar in our Expert Series, titled “Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness.” 

Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness at your company isn’t just about throwing information at your audience and hoping it sticks. In this webinar, cybersecurity expert, Nick Santora of Curricula will be discussing how you can invigorate your current cybersecurity training while avoiding “death by PowerPoint.”

1. The Current State of Awareness

Awareness isn’t about throwing information at your audience and hoping it sticks. Learn about the psychological “hacks” behind what sticks… and what doesn’t.

2. Improving Your Current Training Program

Today’s corporate training programs are often lackluster and cause employees not to take them seriously. We’ll discuss how you can invigorate your training program without inducing “death by PowerPoint.”

3. The Importance of Awareness

Everyone says cybersecurity is important, but what does that mean? With recent employee-driven breaches, awareness is more important than ever.


The speaker for the event, Nick, founded Curricula, a security awareness and phishing simulation company, with a mission to educate employees how to avoid getting hacked. Nick launched Curricula after a 7-year career at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the enforcement agency responsible for regulating the power grid across North America. Nick is internationally recognized as a cyber security expert and speaks regularly at security conferences across North America on the psychology behind influencing employees within security awareness programs.

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from Rider University. He also earned his CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor). Nick also serves on the board of advisors for Veracity.

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(All participants will receive a recording of the event afterwards, so be sure to register even if you can’t attend!)



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