Customer Experience and IT

Earlier this month, Akamai participated in CX Day, a global event dedicated to the customer experience. This was our first time celebrating, and I was lucky enough to join my fellow leaders for the event.

I got my start at Akamai in Professional Services, so CX has always been central to my work, but my current role as CIO gives me unique access to every step of the customer journey. Our goal as an IT organization is to enhance that journey at each touchpoint in the life cycle.

We’ve created a user-friendly Akamai Marketplace for product testing and purchasing, and are working to streamline the billing experience to make financial information more accessible. IT has also partnered with the Global Services and Support organization to ensure the best and most reliable customer service tools are deployed across all channels. That partnership also supports a frictionless user experience by adding self-service components for our managed security customers.

As a leader at a customer-first organization, there can be pressure to prioritize the external customer base, but it’s important to remember the intrinsic value in investing in internal customers. When our peers have the best tools to do their jobs, it not only makes Akamai a great place to work, but it also directly impacts the quality of care we can give to our external customers. It’s why we provide Akamai employees with their own 24/7 Solutions Center, where they receive the same personalized support we provide externally. We’re also enabling a Zero-Trust model, making us an early adopter of our own Enterprise Application Access product. 

By continuously improving our technology framework, we’re strengthening the experience for all our customers. Some of these investments and innovations will be on display at Akamai’s new headquarters, which opens next month in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I look forward to sharing more details on HQ and our latest Smart Building advancements in an upcoming post.

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