Cloud Security Professional Development & Educational Resource Roundup

The flexibility and speed of cloud computing make is enormously appealing to organizations that are looking to leverage a strong competitive edge. As we’re all aware, however, security threats also exist in the cloud, and enterprise cloud security breaches are increasingly common. In the cloud, visibility throughout your entire infrastructure is a must for proactive risk identification and real-time threat detection across cloud workloads from build-time to runtime. To address the security challenges associated with cloud computing, many organizations are turning to trusted cloud security platforms like Threat Stack for full stack security observability

But there’s much more to cloud security than technology: At Threat Stack, we believe that informed people make better decisions, and therefore, we’ve made it part of our mission to publish reliable security information via the Threat Stack blog. Given the rapid pace of change in cybersecurity — along with the growing need to deal with infrastructure in transition as organizations build and manage increasingly sophisticated tech stacks — current, expert content is essential to good security.

To help keep you informed, this post provides an extensive roundup of learning resources, including:

1. Training & Certification Resources
2. Security & DevOps Podcasts
3. Security Blogs

So whether you want to learn more about how to develop a cloud security strategy for your organization, or whether you’re looking to increase the knowledge and skills of your employees, the resources in this post will help you build your practical knowledge of real-world cloud security issues.

Disclaimer: The resources included in this post are not ranked in terms of perceived value or quality. Inclusion in this post does not imply an endorsement of any product or service. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the policies or positions of Threat Stack, Inc. Our intent is simply to provide information that could be helpful as you add to your knowledge of cloud security issues and best practices.

1. Training & Certification Resources

50 Best Cloud Security Training Resources

There’s a global shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals: According to PWC, there will be 1.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2019, and the talent market is not expected to catch up any time soon. The good news is that hundreds of quality resources are available to help both established and up-and-coming cloud security professionals educate themselves.

To help you in your cloud security training search, this blog post lists 50 different resources in a variety of categories, ranging from training courses to video content, white papers, and more — along with a few useful career resources to help you put those newly acquired skills to work.

This post includes links to:

50+ Best Cloud and Cloud Security Certifications 

To help you learn more about certifications, this blog post provides details on 50+ top cloud and cloud security certifications.

The growth of cloud technology has been phenomenal over the past few years, and there’s no slow down in sight. Companies of all sizes depend on cloud platforms, which is why the demand for IT professionals with cloud and cloud security certifications continues to increase.

That’s where cloud certifications come in. When you receive a certification, it demonstrates that you have the know-how that employers need. So earning a cloud certification is a definite step forward for any IT professional looking to advance their career. And, of course, certifications are a great asset if you’re working to strengthen your team or your company’s credibility.

9 Core & Specialty AWS Security Certifications 

Cloud computing has become a necessity for most businesses. Given this reality, there is a significant need to design, develop, deploy, manage, and secure workloads in the cloud.

AWS offers a multitude of certifications, and having relevant certifications is an important way you can demonstrate cloud credibility and competence as an individual and how your organization can demonstrate value to its customers.

With that in mind, this post lists nine key AWS Security Certifications to consider. Whether you’re just starting to build your cloud credentials, looking to expand your skills and expertise in a particular area, or want to deepen your expertise, there is likely to be something to match your needs among these industry-recognized certifications.

2. Security & DevOps Podcasts

Threat Stack’s Podcast — Your System Called

A while ago, we launched our podcast called Your System Called, which you can access on iTunes or subscribe to via RSS.

Cloud infrastructure is changing, and so are the ways software is built and how these new systems are secured at runtime. Your System Called covers a range of cloud security and DevOps topics with guests from within the company and around the industry. From hardening the Linux kernel to PCI compliance to container orchestration and managed security operations (SOC, MSSP) — it’s all on the table!

50 Best Cloud Security Podcasts 

Some of the earliest podcasters were influencers in the technology and online space. For well over a decade, programs that specifically discuss security news and topics have been keeping people up to date on data and systems safety. For many, it’s the ideal medium to learn about the latest happenings in the industry via a convenient and enjoyable format.

With that in mind, this post lists 50 of the best cloud security podcasts we know about. The hosts and programs on the list are experts from many different technical backgrounds. Their content can benefit professionals in security, programming, or almost any technical role. So whether you’re in a security role or just find yourself interested in some of the big data news that seems to be looming ever larger, you’ll find them useful and, oftentimes, entertaining.

50 of the Best DevOps Podcasts 

While the main focus is DevOps, the podcasts listed in this blog post cover a broad range of subjects, including security:

3. Security Blogs

Threat Stack Blog

The Threat Stack Blog offers practical tips and guidance on a large number of cybersecurity topics including Cloud Security, SecOps and DevOps, Compliance, Risk Management, and more. We encourage you to Subscribe to take advantage of its regular updates.

50 Essential Cloud Security Blogs for IT Professionals and Cloud Enthusiasts

With revenue from the cloud computing sector expected to hit $411 billion by 2020, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are shifting their services to the cloud where flexibility and speed make it attractive for organizations looking to leverage a strong competitive edge. 

But operating in the cloud also gives rise to a range of security concerns. So in this blog post, we’ve compiled details on 50 leading blogs that help professionals stay abreast of the latest news, information, and technologies related to cloud security.

Whether you’re looking for information on security trends, answers to core technical issues, or advice that will help you shape your organization’s security strategy, dive in and start indulging your love of all things related to cloud security:

Resource Wrap-up

At Threat Stack, we’re doing our best to pass on reliable security information through the Threat Stack blog, the Threat Stack podcast (Your System Called), and other Resources. Whether you’re learning more about cloud security to strengthen your organization’s security maturity, adding cloud security expertise to your skill set, or expanding the depth and breadth of your existing knowledge base, these resources are sure to help you reach your goal.

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