Classic Facebookery: Zuckerberg, Harms Suffered

via Kate Cox, come this well-crafted piece at Ars Technica, detailing new defensive machinations underway by Facebook, Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), and (as a matter of course – Mark Zuckerberg)…

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“Facebook’s $5 billion settlement with the Federal Trade Commission this summer smashed records: the FTC had never before fined any company such a hefty amount. But even though critics immediately lambasted the deal as a comparative slap on the wrist for Facebook, which earned about $56 billion in revenue in 2018, newly released documents show that the company was working hard to avoid any penalty at all—and its arguments then are just a prelude to defenses it may mount now, as dozens of state, federal, and international probes pile up around it.” – via Kate Cox, come this well-crafted piece at Ars Technica

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