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Certifications compared: GSLC vs. CISM


Management is an important part of many organizations and their composite departments, including information security/technology and cybersecurity. To verify a top-flight level of managerial knowledge and skills, professional certifications are a smart choice to prove up to hiring organizations that you are up to the task of successfully performing in a managerial role. 

Two certifications available for information security management are the GIAC®️ Security Leadership Certification (GSLC) and the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification. This article will detail both certifications, including a little about each certification from a high level, prerequisites, what each certification covers and critical exam details, and will conclude with a well-founded recommendation of which certification you should choose.

Information security management certifications

There are few certifications that focus on information security management, and even fewer articles comparing them. These certifications do not overlap on all material covered; rather, they are more like a Venn diagram. 

The focus of this comparison will be on which of these two certifications will give holders the most benefit as an information security management professional, given their professional ambitions.

What is GSLC?

This advanced-level certification validates the certification holder’s understanding of information security management, technical controls and governance with a specific focus on detecting, responding and protection against information security issues. GSLC verifies expertise in data, network, application, host, user controls, as well as security life cycle management topics. 

This certification is intended for information security managers, information security professionals with leadership or managerial responsibilities and information technology management.

GSLC prerequisites

There are no specific prerequisites, such as years of professional experience, required to earn the GSLC certification. GIAC does recommend, however, that certification candidates take an affiliate training course. 

More information about this can be found on the GIAC certification roadmap. As an alternative, (Read more...)

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