Best open-source tools for Red Teaming

Best open-source Red Team tools

One of the best features of the cybersecurity community is the vast number of free and open-source tools that are available. Many very smart and skilled hackers have developed tools for a variety of purposes and made them available to the community.

As a result, there are tons of options for open-source tools for Red Teaming. Even choosing the tool that is best at its particular job leaves a huge list of options. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best open-source tools for Red Teaming, organized by the role in the cyberattack life cycle. Many of these tools are built into the default Kali Linux distribution.

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The first stage in any Red Team assessment is reconnaissance. The Red Team typically goes into the assessment with little or no knowledge of the target environment. However, a wide variety of open-source tools exist for fixing this problem.

Nmap is probably the most well-known tool for reconnaissance. It is a network scanner with a wide variety of useful features. Using nmap, a Red Team can learn a great deal about any reachable computer on the network. However, network scanning must be used carefully, since it can be easily detected.

Dnsrecon is another useful tool for reconnaissance. It allows the Red Team to identify different domain names within the target network and the associated IP addresses, which can be useful for targeting different types of attacks. It also has additional DNS-related functionality like testing for zone transfers.

Shodan is a search engine for internet-connected devices. The wide deployment of IoT devices and their poor security in general makes them a promising initial entry point for a Red Team. Shodan can help with finding and identifying these devices.

Slurp is designed to help with discovery of poorly-secured (Read more...)

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