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Bentley Systems Goes All-In with Alert Logic and Azure

Cybersecurity is important for any company, but it’s particularly crucial for Bentley Systems—a company that provides software tools that customers use to support some of the largest construction projects around the world. When your solutions are used to design, build, and operate bridges, roadways, airports, skyscrapers, and manufacturing facilities, you are a prime target for cyber attackers. Bentley needs cybersecurity that works—and cybersecurity that instills confidence in potential customers, which is why they chose Alert Logic.

Standards and Compliance

Industry standards and legislative cybersecurity mandates can often seem like nothing more than a bureaucratic headache. Organizations have to go out of their way to address specific security controls and invest time and effort passing periodic audits to demonstrate compliance. Compliance plays a crucial role, however, when negotiating with potential clients. Verifying compliance with specific frameworks provides prospects with quick validation of the general security posture of your company so they don’t have to invest more time assessing your security controls themselves.

Tom Cibelli, Solutions Engineering Manager for Bentley Systems, shared his thoughts for an Alert Logic case study. “One of the first questions we always get asked by new clients is about the security of our systems and the data we’re managing for them. Without a compelling response, these discussions can quickly get very involved and ultimately impact the length of the sales cycle, which of course nobody wants.“

Bentley Systems chose to focus on ISO 27001 compliance. As a company that operates around the world, they felt it was important to use a benchmark that is recognized globally and that is managed by an objective third-party rather than a specific country or vendor. ISO 27001 requires security controls like intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, and real-time log collection and management. The nature of Bentley’s business demands that the solutions be flexible and scalable.

Peace of Mind in the Cloud

Bentley Systems needed to protect a diverse ecosystem that included both AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as a regional private cloud provider. They needed a solution capable of providing comprehensive and effective protection across the board—and that could also help them achieve their compliance goals at the same time.

Cibelli explained, “What really stood out from the competition was that it was clearly evident that Alert Logic was very familiar with a broad range of standards—including ISO 27001 and Sarbanes-Oxley—the team really understood what was involved in satisfying the most rigorous industry requirements.”

Alert Logic provides effective cybersecurity to protect Bentley’s data centers across the multi-cloud environment, and gives Cibelli the peace of mind he needs to sleep soundly at night as the company moves to go all-in on Azure.

Microsoft Ignite

Bentley Systems is a prime example of how to achieve and maintain compliance and protect a complex IT infrastructure. Download the case study to read more about how we helped with their Azure security needs.

Alert Logic will be in Orlando November 4-9 for Microsoft Ignite. Stop by Booth #600 to meet with Alert Logic experts and learn how we can help you with your Azure security as well.

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