Securing Your Business in Changing Times and Ways of Working

As organizations respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the world shifts to a more remote business model, it's important to work with trusted partners to maintain effective cybersecurity. (Republished from Watserv blog) ... Read More
Introducing the New Alert Logic File Integrity Monitoring Capability

Simplify PCI Compliance with File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Alert Logic added File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) to help customers achieve and maintain compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)--specifically requirements 10.5.5 and 11.5 ... Read More
Introducing the New Alert Logic Connectors Capability

Make It Easier to Manage Workflow with Connectors

Alert Logic developed Connectors to enable customers and partners to automate workflow between the Alert Logic MDR platform and third-party messaging and ticketing systems ... Read More
Introducing the New Alert Logic DevNet Developer Portal

Extend the Alert Logic MDR Platform with Our DevNet Software Developer Portal

The Alert Logic DevNet software development portal enables customers and partners to extend the managed detection and response (MDR) platform and efficiently extract and work with useful information ... Read More
Introducing the New Alert Logic Web Log Analytics Capability

Protect Your Web Apps with Web Log Analytics

Alert Logic Web Log Analytics (WLA) provides the ability to detect anomalous behavior and suspicious activity to protect your web applications and your environment ... Read More
The Alert Logic Dashboards – An Introduction

Alert Logic Dashboards Let You Drill Down to Actionable Intelligence

Alert Logic Dashboards provide both the at-a-glance summary of your security posture, and the ability to drill down to specific actionable intelligence so you can prioritize and address issues ... Read More

Stop Trying to Swim Upstream’ with Your Cybersecurity

Many companies insist on doing things the hard way with their cybersecurity efforts. They need to stop trying to swim upstream and get cybersecurity that just works ... Read More

Companies Need Cybersecurity That Just Works

Nobody wants to spend time and effort comparing specs and features of cybersecurity tools. There's nothing exciting about getting a new firewall or endpoint security solution. Organizations need cybersecurity solutions that just work--like a refrigerator or microwave oven ... Read More

Sleep-as-a-Service Redefining SaaS

The ultimate goal of cybersecurity is to provide some peace of mind to businesses and IT managers so they can sleep well at night knowing their network and data are safe. That is what we provide and that is why we are redefining SaaS as Sleep-as-a-Service ... Read More

Data Privacy Day You Get Out of Data Privacy What You Put In

As we recognize Data Privacy Day, both companies and individuals need to understand the importance of safeguarding privacy, as well as their own choices and responsibilities related to data privacy ... Read More

Cloud Workload Resilience PulseMeter

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