Benefits of Providing Corporate-Owned Devices to Knowledge Workers

Enable Knowledge Workers with Corporate-Owned Devices

The recent years have witnessed tremendous growth in the mobile workforce as the proliferation of mobile devices in varied industrial sectors taking care of numerous operational tasks, has been incredible. In fact, mobile devices have become an integral part of most employees’ profession. Starting from maintaining work reports, note-keeping to accessing several enterprise apps, mobility has made it possible to keep the productivity intact irrespective of the remote locations and unusual time zones. As per Statista’s report, the total number of mobile phone users will reach 4.68 billion in 2019.

Knowledge workers are more in need of these mobile devices that enable them to take faster and informed decisions, resolve queries effectively, collaborate with their team, and to stay updated with the latest reports. However, companies need to have a solid corporate mobility policy in place to ensure that mobile device user doesn’t interfere with their security regulations, as compromised enterprise data can cost a fortune. To have the best of both worlds – corporate data security and employee productivity, implementation of company-owned device policy benefits in a perfect manner. Let’s read how it can tremendously help knowledge workers in varied ways.

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Who are the knowledge workers?

The Corporate-owned device benefits knowledge workers in several use cases but before we look into those, one by one, let’s first understand who knowledge workers are exactly. Basically, as the term suggests, knowledge workers are the high-level employees who are thinkers. They apply their analytical and theoretical knowledge to accomplish a task and they often gain formal training and higher education in their fields or subjects, which help them to add value to business processes. Knowledge workers are expected to exhibit high levels of creativity, decision-making and productivity at work.

Ideally, knowledge workers are professionals such as programmers, developers, system admins, engineers, technical and financial analysts, marketing and sales managers, architects, customer service experts, technical writers, lawyers, scientists, physicians and design thinkers.

Now, given the criticality of their job roles and the responsibilities they hold, it is obvious that they are dependent on mobile devices to carry out their day-to-day works with immediate effect. Knowledge workers tend to work on a continuous basis and sometimes from remote locations based on business purposes and operational requirements and hence, they would be more likely to use mobile devices that help them get the jobs done in an easy and effortless manner without any complications and this is where the benefits of corporate-owned devices come handy.

How knowledge workers benefit from corporate-owned devices?

Companies, as well as their knowledge workers, experience multiple advantages from a corporate-owned device policy wherein the company provides the required mobile devices to the employees who can seamlessly use the endpoints according to their professional requirements. The following are the obvious corporate-owned device benefits, which can be easily leveraged using a robust Mobile Device Management solution.

1. These devices can be used straight out of the box: Corporate-owned devices can be seamlessly managed and deployed in bulk via over-the-air enrolment processes like zero-touch for Android and Apple DEP for iOS devices. This is done with the help of a strong MDM solution, which allows the IT admin to remotely enroll, manage and monitor devices. Hence, corporate-owned devices can be used straight out-of-the-box, which enables the knowledge workers to keep up their productivity game with consistency.

2. They come pre-loaded with necessary enterprise apps: Devices that are owned by the company are easy to manage from a remote dashboard that is often provided by a powerful MDM solution. In short, company-owned devices can be pre-loaded with enterprise apps that can be managed, published and distributed by the IT admin. These necessary enterprise apps boost performance, decision-making capability and productivity for knowledge workers working from remote locations.

3. They can be used to access relevant enterprise content: Mobile content management is a feature offered by a powerful MDM solution that can be easily leveraged by the IT admin to up the game of corporate-owned devices. The availability of critical enterprise content and data on mobile devices, allows the knowledge workers to stay updated and informed all the time, which in turn keeps them on top of their works, schedules and deliverables and plays a big role in maintaining their productivity.

4. Unique MDM features make these devices more useful: Corporate-owned devices benefit heavily if they are managed via a scalable MDM software that comes powered with multiple relevant features and capabilities. These features provide an additional layer of management functionality and security regulations, which empower the knowledge workers to leverage the corporate-owned devices to complete and perform most of their critical work purposes in real-time with ease and efficiency.

5. These devices are powered with security policies: An MDM solution allows the IT admin to remotely enforce security policies on corporate-owned devices and leverage features like remote data wipe and device lock, context-aware notifications, location-tracking, kiosk mode, geo-fence and so on. This simply means that the knowledge workers can effortlessly use these devices without any worries or threats from hackers and cyber attackers.

It’s important for your knowledge workers to use mobile devices that will help them to stay productive, performance-driven, efficient and updated all the time, which in turn will drive flawless business activities and results. When it comes to managing your corporate-owned devices with utmost security and efficacy, there is nothing better and more cost-effective than Scalefusion MDM.

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