#BeCyberSmart Tips & Tricks For Protecting Data All Year Round

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is over, but being smart about making yourself – and your end users – less vulnerable to attack is an everyday thing.

Cybersecurity month tips and tricks

As Cybersecurity Awareness Month rounds to a close, the biggest takeaway is that vigilance – bolstered by a hearty dose of common sense – is required all year round. Consider the following tips and tricks as Idaptive’s best efforts to make #BeCyberSmart the digital equivalent of street smarts – something that eventually becomes second nature. 

From understanding that passwords alone just aren’t enough, to realizing that access hints are  just a Google search away for anyone looking to compromise your data – here are some of the most helpful and effective cybersecurity survival tips from our experts here at Idaptive.  

1) Always Check Your Sources

Check Your Sources











2) It’s a Group Effort

Group Effort











3) Don’t Blindly Install

Don't Blindly Install











4) Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Adaptive MFA











5) Develop Trust Issues

Trust Issues Breach











6) Deleting Alone Isn’t Enough

Don't just delete, uninstall











7) Talking to a “Live” Person Isn’t Always Safer

Live isn't always safer











8) Get Creative

Don't use same password everywhere











9) Be Socially Conscious

Be socially conscious











10) Be Tricky

Make security questions more secure













At the end of the day, Idaptive secures access everywhere. Every user, every application, every device.

Next-Gen Access













Looking for more tips to keep you and your end users safe online? Visit our Twitter page or check out our National Cybersecurity Awareness Month webinar on demand here. 

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