Change Control and Change management are not just buzzwords. Though many organizations tend to think of change control as more of a concept, in reality, it is a necessity for a strong security posture. 

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Change Monitoring

Known as the ability to detect changes, and typically accomplished with a technology such as file integrity monitoring software (FIM), change monitoring is best automated for the sake of accuracy and convenience. Using tools with built-in intelligence, such as next-gen FIM software, significantly eases time commitments needed when effectively monitoring for changes.

Change monitoring, when correctly administered consists of several aspects, including:

  • Centralized audits: a single repository of changes made to critical files and configurations, which attributes changes by user, location, and time.
  • Real-time change reporting: The average cybercriminal completes data retrieval in just minutes. If your FIM tool completes weekly scans instead of real-time change detection, you could (Read more...)